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Anthrocon Hotel Closing...

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Sam Conway on the anthrocon website notified members that the Adams Mark hotel In Philadelphia will be closing within 60 days. Anthrocon staff members are currently looking into options for alternative hotel sites in Philadelphia for Anthrocon 2005.Uncle Kage's text from the anthrocon website:

I can confirm at this time that the Adams Mark will be shutting down operations within the next 60 days. Any reservations made there are canceled. If you have made a deposit, it will be returned to you. If there are any issues with the hotel, please contact them directly. We have no connection with them at this time and cannot assist you.

As for Anthrocon, we are in contact with other venues in the area. They are not as desireable, and we may be more cramped than ever, but four walls are better than no walls. Currently we have an offer from the Wyndham Franklin Plaza in Philadelphia, and are working to get the space and rooms at the same rate that the Adams Mark contract specified. Our aim is to make the transition as painless and transparent to our membership as possible so that nobody has to change any travel or vacation plans.

Please accept our assurance that we are doing everything in our power to make sure that Anthrocon 2005 proceeds as planned, and that none of our membership suffers any undue inconvenience.


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