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Southern Tails: Furry Weekend Atlanta Newsletter January 2005

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The official newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta
January 2005

In this issue...
- Pre-registration deadline at hand!
- Hotel update
- Art Show update
- Charity announcement!
- Programming update
- Programming Spotlight: Sub-level 03
- Programming Spotlight: How to Survive a Zombie Attack
- Volunteers Needed###


The deadline for pre-registering for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2005 is almost at hand! Pre-Registration closes on January 28, 2005 at 11:59PM. Pre-Registered Attending-level memberships are available at $35, Sponsoring level at $70, and God-Level Sponsoring memberships at $110. After Pre-Registration closes, the only available way to register will be at the door. Attending level at the door will be $40, Sponsoring at $75, and God-Level at $120.

Remember, if you want to pay by credit, YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER ONLINE. Save time. Save money. Save trees. Sharpen saws at home and earn extra cash. Pre-Register online.



Hotel rooms are still available at the $62/night room rate - among the lowest of any convention! To book your reservations, contact the Holiday Inn Atlanta Airport-North at 1-404-762-8411. Be sure to request the "Furry Weekend Atlanta" room block. Remember, the sooner you book your room, the less likely you are to have a room outside the block!



We still have some space remaining in the Furry Weekend Atlanta Art Show. Remember, applications are due by January 28th, 2005!



Furry Weekend Atlanta is happy to name The Ellijay Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary as our charity for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2005! The Ellijay Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary is a 50-acre facility that medically cares for all species of orphaned and injured wildlife indigenous to Georgia and the southeast. It began 30 years ago when a young boy named Craig Cylke began rescuing and caring for injured animals that he found in the wild. It wasn’t long before the surrounding community learned that Craig would take care of any wild animals in need that were brought to him. Today, the sanctuary is a state and federally licensed facility that remains under the guidance of Craig and his wife, Debbie who are both certified in wildlife rehabilitation.

To date, the sanctuary’s dedicated staff has educated over 100,000 children and adults through on-site course offerings, summer camps, and mobile education programs. It is their hope that through environmental education, schools, churches, civic groups and families will come to learn about the “Circle of Life” –realizing that if we all help to take care of "mother nature,” she in turn will take care of us.

For more information, visit Ellijay's website at If you have anything that you would like to donate to our charity auction, do contact our CEO at



Our ever growing list of programming continues to ... well ... grow. Check it out on our website.



Furry Weekend Atlanta is proud to welcome Sub-level 03 to our 2005 convention. This two-man band from Oklahoma has been making quite a splash on the furry convention circuit. "From Pink Floyd to Type-O-Negative, and Dead Can Dance to Lesiem, the listener will be led down a path now three years in the making. The haunting style of Sub-Level 03 masterfully reveals its influences as each album progresses."



Okay. So it's not exactly furry. We know. But besides being furs, most of us are also huge fans of horror movies and we simply hate to see people making the same mistakes over and over! Furry Weekend Atlanta is proud to offer, as a public service to our attendees, a primer on how to survive an attack by brain-eating zombies. Learn how to recognize a zombie, how to fight of an attack by a zombie, and much more in this fascinating panel. Those who are prepared will be the ones who survive!



Interested in lending a paw at Furry Weekend Atlanta? Let our volunteering director know! Contact him at


Furry Weekend Atlanta - Come South for the Winter
February 11-13, 2005 @ the Holiday Inn Atlanta Airport-North, Atlanta, GA, USA


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