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Further Confusion at KTEH's pledge drive

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Its time once again for our KTEH volunteer bank. AAE and Further Confusion are once again sponsoring a group to help out the local PBS station. It was a lot of fun the last time and we need to get about 15-20 folks to go. We do need commitments so we can let the station know how many folks will be there by this Friday (June 1st) so please drop us a line back in reply if you can help us help KTEH. There's usually snacks and food at the studio and its for a worthy cause that gathers the fandom some great publicity.

  • When: Saturday June 9 6 pm-11pm
  • Where: KTEH 1585 Schallenberger Road, San Jose, CA
  • What: KTEH Phone Bank Pledge Drive Support
  • -Further Confusion


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Sounds like a great opportunity for furry folk to give back to the community. Too bad I won't be there to pitch in.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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Well, you know, WTTW and WBEZ do pledge drives, too... :-)

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