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Furry Spring Break

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Furry Spring Break is a new furry convention, taking place March 2-4, 2001 in Orlando,
Florida. Click below for a full update on how their convention is proceeding.

Greetings, fellow furry fen! Hope everyone had a great holiday
season. Now that those festivities are out of the way, however, it's
time once again to remind one and all about Furry Spring Break!

Furry Spring Break will be held March 2-4, 2001, at the Ramada
Conference Center and Resort, on International Drive in Orlando,
Florida. Our Guest of Honor is Phil Morrissey, whose brilliant work
frequently graces the covers of Furrlough and Genus.

For membership information, including forms, as well as additional
information on the convention, feel free to visit our web site, at Pre-registration currently stands at
$45, but it'll be more at the door, and you need to pre-register to
make sure you're counted for our catered Saturday Night
Banquet...which, by the way, is included with the membership! More on
that later.

One note on the hotel : We recommend that you make your reservations
by contacting the Ramada directly, at (407) 351-4600. Rooms are
$69/night, plus tax. Mention that you're with Furry Spring Break, and
under reservation code FURR. If they can't find the reservation code,
go ahead and complete your reservation, but let Matt Henry
( know, with your confirmation number, so we can follow
up and make sure you're in with our block of rooms. Reserve early to
guarantee your room; they're liable to fill up fast as March

Let's get into what we're planning for this fun and relaxing (well, at
least for the attendees! :) convention weekend, starting with
something near and dear to my heart...

PANELS : Here's the audience participation part of this e-mail. I'm
still looking for panel ideas, and panelists to run them.

Here's a few ground rules to keep in mind...

1) All tracks come through me. I am not looking for folks to run
*tracks*; I'm looking for folks to run *panels*.
2) Panels will be one (1) hour in duration for the most part, although

if you have an idea you feel would need extra time, we'll discuss it.
3) All panels must have at least one (1) moderator.
4) When submitting a panel idea, please give me a good description of
what you want to discuss or show in the panel. It doesn't have to be
long, but it does need to be clear.
5) Feel free to send more than one idea, if you have 'em. If I need
to drop a panel for some reason, your 'backup' idea may just replace
6) We reserve the right to turn down any panel idea, for any reason.
7) All programming is subject to change.

There are four general tracks. I'm not locking panels into a rigid
track structure, so if a really good idea doesn't necessarily fit,
we'll use it anyway. :) The tracks are :

* Writing and Storytelling
* Art (and not just drawing/cartooning, either!)
* Fursuits, Pawpets, and Performing
* "Lifestyle" and Spirituality (this also includes species panels)

We do have some panels already penciled in...

* I'll be running the StoryTeller's Circle on Saturday afternoon.
(For those not familiar, that's a round-robin storytelling me if you have additional questions.)
* Toraneko will be running a special "Furry Book Swap" panel. Have
some books of interest to other furry fans? Bring 'em along, let us
know why you like 'em so much, then trade them with other fur fen.
* As noted earlier, Prismo will be running a panel on improv
performance...a handy panel to attend before "acting up" on Friday
* Jon Crusoe will have a panel on layouts for story submissions to
* There will be a special Meet the GOH panel with Phil Morrissey.

We still have a lot of time slots left to fill, however, so if you'd
like to help out, share your knowledge and lore with other fen, and
generally get that cool egoboo that only comes from being a panelist,
drop me a note at

DANCES : Friday night will groove to sounds of DJ Gary Burke as the
Purple Nurple makes its first Florida appearance. On Saturday night,
Florida's own DJ Wildwolf will spin for the FSB Fursuits & Friends

FURRY IMPROV : Friday night will be Furry Improv night! Show your
stuff and play along as we think up new and fun ways to express one's
furry side. Folks who would like some pointers on improv performance
will want to attend the panel Prismo will be running on Friday
afternoon, as well. More on this as we get closer to the con!

FURRY VARIETY SHOW : Part masquerade, part puppet show, throw in some
creativity, and you have the FSB Furry Variety Show on Saturday night!
If you're interested in taking part in the Variety Show, contact
Kuddlepup for more information (

FSB BANQUET : This is some serious eats, my friends! And, it's
included with the price of your membership...a pretty sweet deal
all-around. The Banquet will be held Saturday night from 6pm-8pm,
followed closely thereafter by the Variety Show. While we'll endeavor
to have enough for all members, we have to give the hotel a count of
how many people to expect shortly before the convention...which means,
if you pre-register, you'll be part of that count. (Hint, hint. :)

FURRY GAME SHOW NIGHT : Sunday night is usually quiet at most cons,
but not at FSB! We'll be running some rather interesting Furry Game
Shows after 8pm...more coming soon on just what we have in mind.

CHARITY AUCTION : Our charity is the Care Foundation, a wildlife
rescue organization located in Christmas, Florida. We have a
"Wildlife Encounter" tentatively scheduled for Friday afternoon at
1pm, so you'll be able to see some of the animals they work with. The
Auction itself will be from 1pm-4pm (or completion, whichever comes
first) on Saturday afternoon. More information is available on our
web site, and you can contact Draconis ( to donate
goods to the cause, or if you have additional questions.

ART SHOW/AUCTION : The FSB Art Show will open its doors to the public
at 12 noon on Friday (closing at 6pm), and reopen at 10am on Saturday.
All bids must be made on artwork by 5:30pm Saturday! The art auction
will be held on Sunday from 12:30p to completion. More information is
available on our web site; if you'd like to obtain artist information,
or for additional questions, drop Rasvar ( a line.

DEALERS ROOM : What would a con be without the dealer's room? Ours
will be open 10am-6pm each day.

VIDEO ROOM : We will have a video room set up for your furry viewing
pleasure. Anyone who has suggestions and/or contributions for
showing, feel free to contact yours truly at

One notable contribution that has already been know him,
you love him, he's head over heels for a certain gorgeous mink...Mitch
Beiro will be presenting Midnight over Minerva at FSB! Come join
Minerva's #1 Fan as he presents classic Animaniacs shorts, as well as
every appearance (even if for a moment) of Minerva in the series.

GAMING : There will be gaming space available. If you're interested
in running an RPG, drop us a line!

That should just about cover it. If you have any questions, comments,
or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line.

If you'd like to meet the folks putting this together (the few, the
crazed...), and get more information on joining us or (even better!)
helping out, here's a couple of chances to do so...

* Matt Henry (Cutter/MadBadger) and yours truly, Karl F. Meyers
(CarlFox) will be at Further Confusion, coming up the weekend of 26-28
January 2001. Feel free to flag us down with any questions, comments,
concerns, rumours (we always love those), and the like while we're

* As the con grows closer, we're holding planning meetings at the
convention hotel every Saturday night around 6:00pm. If you're in
Florida and would like to join us, contact either Matt or myself.

Thanks, and hope to see you at Furry Spring Break!


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