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Last Minute Furry Spring Break News

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From Karl F. Meyers on "Hiya, folks! We're mere days away from Furry Spring Break, and it's
shaping up to be a good con...just a couple of things to bring up
before the big show."

CHARITY AUCTION : This is the final call for donations for the Charity
Auction, to be held at 1pm on Saturday afternoon. Please contact us
if you're bringing items you'd like to donate. All money raised goes
to our charities, and we'll be happy to take donations at the con.

One note : we did have some offers of video tapes for auction. As
long as the tapes are "collector-to-collector" -- say, you have some
neat programming that isn't available commercially -- that's fine;
I've seen fansubs of anime go in charity auctions in the past, for
example. Copies of commerically available programming, however, are
not acceptable due to copyright restrictions. (If you'd like to
donate a copy of something you found commercially, that'll work,
too...just not a copy of it.)

GOPHERS : Calling all volunteers! Want to help out with the con, and
earn your way to a free membership at FSB 2002? Contact our gopher
wrangler, Marti Rhodes, at for more information,
or to volunteer! It's a fun way to learn more about the nuts and
bolts of how conventions are run, too -- many con staffers started out
as gophers.

PROGRAMMING : The as-final-as-it-ever-gets Programming Grid will be
released tomorrow, 2/27. This includes Video Room information, as
well, so stay tuned!

If you have any questions going into the home stretch, let us know!


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