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ANTHRO #3 is online!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here, bringing you glad tidings with which to start the new year off right: ANTHRO #3 is online! The first thing you'll see is the cover by Opal Weasel -- and a fine cover it is, too, depicting a sophisticated wolf-about-town. There are a couple of other items which are showing up for the first time in this issue, and you'll see both of these new items just below the navigation menu. One is a "thermometer gauge", which will indicate how generous ANTHRO's readers have chosen to be. The other new thing is a pair of links to (a) ANTHRO's recommended furry novels, complete with click-thru links so that ANTHRO will get a spot of cash if you choose to buy one of said novels, and (b) the covers of ANTHROs 1 and 2, available for purchase as high-resolution posters! Wouldn't you love to have Lucius Appaloosius' STRAIGHTAWAY, and/or Cubist's LEOMORPHIC DA VINCI, decorating your walls? Well, now you can! And as for the furry novels, there's FORTY of them, ranging from Richard Adams' classic WATERSHIP DOWN to Olaf Stapledon's SIRIUS. With that kind of variety, we're confident we've got something for everyone!
Of course, that begs the question: What does ANTHRO #3 have for you? Quite a bit, actually. And here's the contents:


WINGS OF HEALING, a TBP story by Michael Bard (illustrated by Cubist): How can a family survive in a changing world?
The third installment of THE HUMAN MEMOIRS, by G. Howell (illustrated by Cubist): On any world, in any culture, war is hell.
COATIMUNDI REX, by Matthew Paul Johnson (illustrated by Cubist): Just an ordinary guy, trying to make a life for himself…
IN HIS OWN IMAGE, by John B. Rosenman (illustrated by Cubist): Really, who WOULDN'T vote for proven loyalty and trustworthiness?


CASTLE HORSETOOTH, written and drawn by Oren Otter and Eala Dubh: Sir Fluren is smarter than he looks.


IN DAPPLED DARKNESS SOMETHING WAITS FOR ME, by Tom Zimmerman (illustrated by Cubist): The lady, or the tiger, or the lizard, or the raven, or..?


SEEN WHILE PROWLING, by Fred Patten: The CFO's founder reviews FEY, by Paul Kidd; WAITING FOR GERTRUDE, by Bill Richardson; CAT CROSS THEIR GRAVES, by Shirley Rousseau Murphy; and RAKKETY TAM, by Brian Jacques.


DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, by Phil Geusz: Social instincts! Really!


FROM THE EDITOR'S MAW, by Quentin Long: Furdom? I'll tell you what's wrong with it -- but only so you can tell me what's RIGHT with it.
THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS, by Michael W. Bard: The cure for the common fursuit.

See you next issue!


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