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Furry Weekend Atlanta Newsletter

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The Official Newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta
January 2006

In this issue...
1. Important Hotel Information!
2. List of Dealers
3. Programming Spotlight: The Artful Art of Con Artist Artistry
4. Programming Spotlight: Comic De-Suckification
5. Programming Spotlight: Webcomics
6. Volunteers



If you haven’t made your hotel reservations at the Holiday Inn, hurry up and make them now or you might have to sleep in a box! Our room block is steadily getting full, so go to our website or call the hotel at 1-404-7628411 to make reservations if you don’t want to be caught out in the cold!



Be sure to bring plenty of extra cash to FWA for all your furry product needs! We have a promising list of dealers signed up this year with a variety of goodies for your perusal. The following dealers have reserved a table this year:

Bill Holbrook - Kevin and Kell merchandise and books - stop by and see our guest of honor!
Matt Burt - Anthropomorphic art from GunMOUTH. Come and see our guest of honor!
Ellijay Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary - Help support our charity for 2006!
White Wolf - Badges, sketches, prints and more.
FuzWuf Gear -T-Shirts, Novelties, conbadges, tails, ears, commissions
Laughing Rabbit Graphics - Artwork by Michael Angel Pena and plush toys
Jay Naylor - Comics, CDs
Ally “Rezzit” Loughrin - Prints, mini-folios of local and honorary local artists, misc furry items.
Punchwire Press - The fennec girls are back! Prints, commissions, badges and more!
LizardBeth - Sketches, badges, prints, and other fun stuff!
Light Bright Studios - Prints, T-Shirts, Custom Badges, and Sketches
Dark Natasha - Prints, Portfolios, T-Shirts
M&T Comics - Comics and other assorted merchandise
Bushycat - Furry Comics, Portfolios, Color Prints, Commissions, Tails, Ears
ScullyRaptor - Original real media artwork, prints, sketchbooks, conbadges
Fossil, the Undead Anthrosaur Artist - Badges, prints, original art, prehistoric pandemonium.
PinkFox Studios - Prints, commissions and con badges.
Sub-Level 03 - Come check out the furry band Sub-Level 03!



Would you like to get PAID for those little doodles you do? Want to hang out with all your favorite artists? Ever dream of spending countless hours behind a table, slaving away at commissions? No? WELL TOO BAD, ‘cuz Matt Burt’s going to tell you just how to do it…even though some of his methods are…unsound.



Drawing comics can be fun, but they can also be a pain. Sometimes the panels just look flat, the angle is off, or it just doesn’t have that… “Unf!” Well, Matt Burt’s going to show you how to “unf” your comics so that you can go “unf unf unf” all night long! Come and let Matt show you how to de-suckify your comics…or you can come and show him just how WRONG he is.



If you’ve always wanted to make a webcomic, or just wondered what kind of work went into the creation of one, this program is for you. Come participate in a discussion on webcomics with guest Bill Holbrook and panelist Jay Naylor, and be sure to bring questions for the Q&A session!



If you want to lend a paw, but aren’t quite ready for the commitment that a staff position requires, please volunteer! If you would like to help out, contact our volunteer director at


Furry Weekend Atlanta
Fly South for the Winter


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