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RCFM Hotel Reservations Information

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Grrrrreeetings Everyone,

Information on making reservations at the RCFM hotel has finally been posted to our web site. There are two options available. Please visit the Hotel and Directions page ( for details.

See you in May!


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If anyone tried to post a reservation at the $66/night room rate and found they couldn't, it's because there was a typo on the reservations webpage. It wasn't recognizing "May" as a valid date for this room rate.

I stopped at the hotel and talked to Randy, the hotel manager, on the morning of 3-2-06. He repaired the typo on the page, so now it's accepting reservations as it was supposed to in the first place.

Our apologies if you tried to reserve a room and couldn't. Please try again if you encountered this, since the problem has been corrected and you shouldn't have any problems with it at all now.

Thanks! ;)


Rocket City FurMeet

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