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Cat People in Doctor Who

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The first episode of the BBS' new DOCTOR WHO second season will feature a "plague farm" in the far future in the guise of a hospital run by evil Cat people.

The cast of this episode: David Tennant (the Doctor), Billie Piper (Rose), Zoe Wanamaker (Cassandra), Noel Clarke (Mickey), Michael Fitzgerald (Duke), Lucy Robinson (Clovis), Dona Croll (The Matron), Adjoa Andoh (The Sister), Anna Hope (The Novice), and Sean Gallagher (Chip).

The air date has not yet been released, noting only that the second series will begin in the UK in the "Spring of 2006".

(Note: The last episode to feature any kind of cat-people was Survival, which featured the 'Cheetah People'. This was also the last episode of Doctor Who before it went on its multi-year hiatus.)


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The "Downloads" page has a "video downloads" link with a "coming soon" clip.

Pretty cool makeup, but the eyes are disappointing. I've posted framegrabs at
my Yahoo photo album.

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being a cat myself i would have been happier to see them as hero's

i'd love to see the doctor regenerate as a cat anthro.

with maybe a foxote and a real scalley dragon who could just fit through the tardis door for companions.

that would certainly give the leftenant something to think about 'the' future!

as in "guess who didn't make it and guess what you got replaced by".


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