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ANTHRO #5 is online (yay!)

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here with some late-breaking news: ANTHRO #5 (the May/June issue) is online! My apologies for the delay; I had to deal with some non-technical difficulties, sigh. As per usual, I hope you'll check out ANTHRO's "Support" section. No matter whether you subscribe, donate, buy a T-shirt or poster from ANTHRO, or click on through to for a darn fine furry novel, whatever money you give to ANTHRO means I'll be able to pay ANTHRO's contributing artists and writers.= STORIES =

CLEARED FOR DEPARTURE, by Corvus and ShadowWolf (illustrated by Cubist): If you think revenge is no fun, you’re not doing it right,
HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS, by Allen Kitchen (illustrated by Cubist): When you’re up against the wall, where can you go?
The first installment of A TALE OF SAND AND ICE, a Metamor Keep serial by Charles Matthias: In which a prophesied quest is begun.
THE FOX SAMARITAN, by Kris Schnee (illustrated by Cubist): God’s ways --Mysterious, and mysteriouser…
HELPING HANDS, by Equestrian Horse Wrangler (illustrated by Cayenne Doubletree and Nicole Riley): Many hands make light work. Right?


ZEBRA GIRL, by Joe England: Just another boring afternoon in Miscellaneous…
CASTLE HORSETOOTH, by Oren Otter & Eala Dubh: And between adventures… life goes on.


ACTION AND AFTERMATH, by Cubist (illustrated by Cubist): Wouldn’t you like to explore the unknown?


DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, by Phil Geusz: The cure for the common convention.


SEEN WHILE PROWLING, by Fred Patten: The CFO's founder reviews OH, THE HUMANITY, by Bill Holbrook; WHY COYOTES HOWL, by Watts Martin; THE FINEST CREATION & THE FINEST CHOICE, by Jean Rabe; THE LITTLE GENTLEMAN, by Philippa Pearce; and SEVEN FOR A SECRET, by Clive Woodall


FROM THE EDITOR'S MAW, by Quentin Long: More ways furries can get on each others’ nerves.
THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS, by Michæl W. Bard: Why (furry) words don’t get no respect.

See you next issue!


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