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ANTHRO netzine goes analog!

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Quentin Long here, with an announcement that's been a long time coming: ANTHROlogy One, the omnibus paperback edition of the first six issues of my netzine, ANTHRO, is available for anyone to purchase! It's 600+ pages -- and well over 200,000 words -- of stories, pictures, poems, columns, and articles by some of the best writers and artists in furdom.
If you've been reading ANTHRO, you know what's in the book: Darn good stories by Phil Geusz, Shockwave, Michael Bard, and many others. Excellent art from Lucius Appaloosius (including the book's cover!), and a lot of stuff I did. Phil Geusz' interview with Uncle Kage. Essays and columns by Wanderer Werewolf, Kris Schnee, and more. A plethora of book reviews by Fred Patten. In short, this is a book that belongs in any fur-fan's library!

The price: USD $19.99, i.e., a mere 3.3 cents per page. But don't wait too long, because the price goes up to USD $24.99 at the end of the year! Surf on over to the URL at the top of this message and check it out for yourself. Thanking you in advance...


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