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Southern Tails: Furry Weekend Atlanta December Newsletter

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The official newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta
February 16-18, 2007
Sheraton Gateway Hotel
Atlanta, GA, USA


1. New (Old) Editor
2. What can you do with five dollars?
3. Dealers Den Space still available!
4. Hotel is filling up!
5. Programming Spotlight: Masquerade!
6. Programming Spotlight: First Convention Panel!
7. Volunteers Needed
8. Happy Holidaze From FWA!# NEW (OLD) EDITOR

I want to thank Spiral Gryphon for covering for me while I took care of some things. I'm happy to announce that Kiran Lightpaw is now back at the helm of Southern Tails and will be bringing you all the fantastic news from the Dogwood City once gain.


Pre-registering for Furry Weekend Atlanta will save you five dollars off our Attending and Sponsoring levels, and 20 dollars off our God-Level registration as compared to the cost at the door. So ... what can you do with five dollars? You can ... buy a meal at any of the restaurants within a short distance of the hotel or stay right within the Sheraton for a good meal. You can spend it at some of the dealers in the dealers den or artists in the artists alley and buy a badge commission! There's literally hundreds of things you can do with an extra five dollars in your pocket, but you won't have that extra cash if you don't pre-register! (


Got something you want to sell? Well, we have space for you to sell it! Registration for the dealer's room for this year's FWA is open. Prices start at $70 for one table and one membership. Included in this price is free power and internet (on a first come, first served basis) and free lunches Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Full details, including how to register, can be found at our website ( If you have any questions, feel free to email us at


We've already filled our first block of rooms and have expanded to a second block! The Sheraton is a much nicer hotel than our previous home at the Holiday Inn and features, among other things, all interior rooms! That's right - no more freezing in February walking down to the con! In addition, a select number of Furry Weekend Atlanta hotel patrons may find a special gift for booking rooms early! Furry Weekend Altanta has negotiated a special Furry Weekend Atlanta rate for the convention of $89.00 per night for single, double, triple and quad occupancy. However, to take advantage of this rate, you must contact Sheraton Reservations at 1-800-325-3535 and request the "Furry Weekend Atlanta" room block and rate OR book online through our website (


The Fursuit Masquerade is a two part event where fursuits and fursuiters will be judged on both technical and performance criteria, with awards for the top winners in each category. Best of all, the performance session on Sunday afternoon will be open for everyone to come and watch, so participants will get to show off their talents for an excited audience of their fellow furs. Competition will occur in two categories, Novice and Master, and the Masquerade Performance will have an Exhibition (i.e. unjudged) session for anyone who wants to do a more traditional variety show style act. Full details, including rules and guidelines will be posted to the Furry Weekend Atlanta website at a later date: (


Is this your first convention, or your hundredth? Either way, this Furry Weekend Atlanta original panel, first introduced in 2005 and each year a success, will be your introduction to convention culture. From complex subjects like etiquette to more mundane things like how to prevent the con funk and deal with PCD, our First Con panel is sure to help neophyte and seasoned veteran alike.


Interested in lending a paw at Furry Weekend Atlanta? Let our volunteering director know! Contact him at


Furry Weekend Atlanta would like to wish all of our family (that's y'all!) the best of holiday wishes during this festive season. If you're traveling, travel safely. If you're shopping, look out for that guy about to deck you over a Nintendo Wii, and if you're just hanging out, have fun and be safe, because we want to see ALL of you in February in Atlanta!

Furry Weekend Atlanta
The Deep South's Anthropomorphics Exposition
February 16-18, 2007
Sheraton Gateway Hotel
Atlanta, GA, USA


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