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THE HUMAN MEMOIRS -- now available in paperback!

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ANTHROlogy One ($19.99 until the end of 2006, $24.99 thereafter)
ANTHRO: The netzine that started it all!

Quentin Long here once again. I am proud to announce that G. Howell's world-renowned novel THE HUMAN MEMOIRS, the first serial presented in ANTHRO, is now available as a convenient paperback book! The $19.99 price buys you 580+ pages of 'furry' goodness that you can enjoy even when the Internet is down. Surf on over to the ANTHRO Press website and check it out! And while you're there, feel free to check out ANTHROlogy One, the first book from ANTHRO Press, not to mention Freedom City, the first typeface inspired by the work of Phil Geusz.


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