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Morphicon Charity Needs Your Help!

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Morphicon is currently in dire need of charity donations of art and memoribilia. Our proceeds this year will go to Ferrets Unlimited: a volunteer no-kill shelter which finds homes for abandoned ferrets, and which provides a permanent loving home for those for whom an adoptee can't be found. See Ferrets Unlimited for more information on our chosen 2007 charity...
We really can't do it without your help! And it's easy to help out. Any of the following items can be donated:

* Original furry artwork. Doing a small sketch or picture for charity will help save some ferrets and help improve our convention's charity art show and raffle. It will also get you exposure as an artist and tie your name to the good deed.

* Furry prints. Have any old furry prints you don't need? Donate them!

* Furry comic books and 'zines. Have any old furry comics you don't read anymore? Donate them!

* Furry-related items. Plushies, roleplaying games, furry movies or music, memoribilia, and other eccentric stuff furries are bound to like.

Please note: due to the nature of our charity events, all donations must be appropriate for all-ages.

To donate, send packages to:

c/o A. Wolf
2045 Heathcliff Dr. #1A
Columbus, OH 43209

Alternately, you can bring charity materials to the convention. (Please let us know ahead of time what you're planning to bring by contacting Morphicon Charity if possible.)

Please consider giving, even if it's something small. We thank you, and so do the ferrets!

Morphicon Programming Head, 2007


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