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ANTHRO #11 is up!

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This is Quentin 'Cubist' Long, making the Official (albeit belated) Announcement -- ANTHRO #11 is live and online for your reading pleasure! What can I say, I lapsed into a coma *immediately* after I uploaded the files... but I'm awake now, and here's the straight dope on what ANTHRO #11 has to offer.

Item: The website's gotten a facelift. The former design had certain problems, and hopefully I've solved them. I've put in some new features which will hopefully be of some use to you...
* Search engine. It's always available, 24/7, just waiting for you to type in whatever search-terms you want and give you a list of everything that fits your terms from *anywhere* in *any* issue of ANTHRO!
* Directory. Also available 24/7, this popup menu gives you one-click access to all of ANTHRO's major goodies -- including a few items that were previously known to only those few intrepid souls who went spelunking thru the zine's link structure. Speaking of "known to only few", it's come to my attention that some of you folks are wondering how the heck you get to the Feline Bibliography, that listing of cat novels which appeared in ANTHRO #7. You're in luck, because there's not one, not two, but *three* ways to get there:
One -- This route uses the navigation menu, along the left edge of the zine window. Scroll down until you see the heading "LIBRARY". Click on that heading. That will bring up a 'hub' page, which gives you access to *all* wings of the Library, including the Feline Bibliography!
Two -- Look to the right of the zine-logo, in the upper left corner of the window. You should see the boldfaced phrase "SITE MAP"; click on it. THis brings up a detailed listing, with explanatory notes, of the zine's complete contents. You'll find links to the Feline Bibliography (for broadband or for dialup) under the heading "ANTHRO Library"
Three -- Use the new Directory popup, One click gets you there, no waiting.

Item: ANTHRO's Library has a new wing, and it's a *big* puppy! I refer, of course, to the Ultimate Anthropomorphic Checklist. The Checklist provides the following information for every book it contains:
* Name of creator (the author for most books; the editor(s) for anthologies)
* Title of book
* Links to reviews in ANTHRO and/or YARF! (when applicable)
* Category of book -- "novel", "anthology", "children's book", etc.
* Which series it's part of (if any), and where it fits in that series
Now, my use of the word "Ultimate" may strike some people as being a trifle excessive or presumptuous... but this Checklist lists *more than 400* furry books of all kinds! And we're going to add *even more* books every issue, whether they're ones that just have been reviewed by Fred Patten -- or freshly suggested by you, our faithful readers! How's that for an Ultimate Anthropomorphic Checklist, eh?

Item: Speaking of ANTHRO's Library, we've added 13 more issues to the YARF! Reviews wing, which therefore now covers everything up to YARF! #35.

Item: Someone just bought a few STRAIGHTAWAY! stamps from Graphic Descriptions, the online storefront that peddles ANTHRO art in a variety of useful and attractive forms. Alas, I only know that the stamps *were* purchased, but the meager data I have saying nothing about *who* did the purchasing, so I can't thank the person as they deserve. I do, however, appreciate what they did, and I wholeheartedly encourage other people to do likewise: If you like ANTHRO's art, *please* check out the selection at Graphic Descriptions [ href="* ]... and if you see something you like, buy it! Remember, 75% of the profits from all sales will go to the artist who created the image in question, and the rest will go to ANTHRO.
Of course, you can also check out our list of recommended furry books, more than 300 strong [ ], or even donate or subscribe [ ]. A subscription is only 50 cents (US money) per bimonthly issue, or USD $3 a year, or the cost of a decent hamburger. Any money that comes to ANTHRO will go to pay our writers and artists for their excellent work; this, in turn, will encourage them all to keep on doing what they do so well. Sounds like a "win-win situation to *me*! If it sounds like that to you, too, please consider supporting ANTHRO. Or if you just can't spare the cash, feel free to spread the word, and URL, to anyone you know and think might find it interesting or enjoyable!


RUNNING WILD, Day 3: Cat's Eye Opening, by Duncan Cougar & Quentin Long: Fourth chapter in this TBP serial. It's not healthy to live in dreams -- or nightmares, either.
BLOOD BONDS, by Tony Greyfox (illustrated by Cubist) You can't choose your relative; just what you'll do about them...
THE WOLF OF THE HARE THAT BIT HIM... by Phil Geusz: This classic tale by a well-respected wordsmith asks the question: Are werewolves more frightening when they *laugh* at you?
The seventh (and final!) installment of A TALE OF SAND AND ICE, the Metamor Keep serial by Charles Matthias: In which weary travelers enjoy a well-earned respite.
FROM THE HORSE'S HOOF, a TBP story by Felix Sagittarius (illustrated by Cubist): Life is a steeplechase, and some of the obstacles are higher than others.


ZEBRA GIRL, by Joe England: The on-ramp of normalcy...


TRYST TAIL, by Slyford T. Rabbit (illustrated by Cubist): Is it—could it be—true romance?
THE CAT AND THE MOUSE, by Daniel Wilcox (illustrated by Cubist): An examination of interspecies power structures.


THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS, by Michael W. Bard: Are we shooting ourselves in the footpaw, culturally speaking?
DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, by Phil Geusz: Where we came from—and where we might go.
REALITY SOUNDBITES, by Keith Morrison: How the shaping of the world shapes life. Part 2 of Morrison's series on worldbuilding.
THE RED KING'S DREAM, by Wanderer Werewolf: A few words about an ill-understood aspect of history.


SEEN WHILE PROWLING, by Fred Patten: The CFO's founder reviews Tales of the Fur Side, by Vixyy Fox & Dark Natasha; The Warriors: The New Prophecy series, by Erin Hunter; The Finest Challenge, the closing volume of Jean Rabe's trilogy; The Feather and Bone trilogy, by Clem Martini; Common and Precious, the 'Tales from New Tibet' novel by Tim Susman; and All the Newshounds Fit to Print, by Thomas K. Dye.


FROM THE EDITOR'S MAW, by Quentin Long: So what *do* you do with a dead furry, anyway?

See you next issue!


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