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Proposal: Holiday Furmeet

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How many would like to come to Phoenix for the holidays?
Ok, they say a con can't make it in December, but what about a fur meet? For those that can't go home for the holidays, don't want to, or don't have one to go to, would you like to come to Phoenix for the holidays? While the area clearly won't support a con, I'm thinking maybe a holiday get together, a holiday feast, some Christmas movies and TV shows (furry and non-furry), maybe an art show, artists alley and/or dealer room ifn enough want to set up shop for it, all happening on December 8 & 9th? If you can spend the holidays with family, why not celebrate with your fellow furs?

Email me or comment here, exactly what'll happen depends on who wants it.

(Please repost any where else to get the word out)


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