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ANTHRO wants *you* -- to subscribe!

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   Quentin "Editor-in-chief-for-life" Long here with another ANTHRO-y announcement. It's always been possible for people to subscribe to ANTHRO, and the price ($0.50 USD per issue, one full year of which works out to about the same as a Big Mac hamburger) certainly isn't any barrier... but I gotta admit that so far, the response from Furdom At Large has been decidedly underwhelming. So I've decided to raise the stakes!   As of now, every ANTHRO subscriber will recieve a mini-CD of BROTHERS UNDER THE SKIN, an original song I commissioned from Tom Smith. This goes for the happy few existing subscribers, and it will also go for anybody else who signs on from this day forward!

   Now, it's at least logically possible that some of you may be thinking, "Tom Smith? Who the heck is *that*? And why should I care about his music?" If you are one of those people, the answer can be found at Smith's website -- [ ] -- which contains all *sorts* of tunes. As Smith's tagline goes, "Any kind of music but dull!"

   On the other hand, you may be thinking, "Never mind who this Smith guy is or isn't. All *I* want to know is, is the song any damned *good*?" If that's the case, you're in luck; I've uploaded a good-sized excerpt of BROTHERS UNDER THE SKIN to the ANTHRO website, and you can find it at  [ ]. Surf on over; check out the tune; and if you like what you hear... well, there's only one way to get the *whole* song.

   Namely, subscribe to ANTHRO. It's inexpensive. It supports darned good furry stories and art -- and reviews, and columns, and interviews, and...

   And now, an ANTHRO subscription brings you darned good music *on top of* everything else! What are you waiting for?


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