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You can help save ANTHRO!

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Quentin Long here with some bad news... and how *you* can help to make that bad news go away.
You'll recall that when I announced the uploading of ANTHRO #13, I mentioned that I was in danger of going homeless, *real* soon. The support this brought was welcome... but it just isn't enough. And here's how bad things are now:

I need USD $500 in the next five days, or I *will* be homeless.

The people who have *already* donated and bought advertisements, they've done their part... but there's only, like, 20 of them. 20... out of a grand total of about *ten* *bleeding* *THOUSAND* people who read and enjoy every issue of ANTHRO.
So here I am again, exhorting furdom-at-large to open your wallets on my behalf, so that *I* can continue to do something which has been a distinct asset to *you*. I'm not exactly enthused to be going all "PBS pledge night" on y'all, but if it works, it works, okay? So here's the deal...

I've reformatted ANTHRO #1 so that it'll fit nicely on a 240-pixel-wide screen -- which means it will work nicely on Palm Pilots or Blackberrys or whatever other PDA you might happen to have. Cross my palm with $2.99 in good USA silver, and it's yours! commissions!
Would you like me (Quentin Long, aka Cubist) to do a portrait of your character? I will -- for a mere USD $15. Or USD $10, if you want a con badge. I won't do spooge, but beyond that, pretty much anything goes.

Send me an email containing a description of what you'd like me to draw -- the address is -- and PayPal the money to me, and you're good to go.

And leave us not forget all the other options:

Donate or subscribe:

Buy copies of ANTHROlogy ONE and/or THE HUMAN MEMOIRS and/or the
FREEDOM CITY typeface:

Buy ANTHRO ad space in two-month blocs:

Buy ANTHRO ad space in arbitrarily small chunks:

Buy furry fiction (with ANTHRO getting a small cut of the purchase

Buy T-shirts, posters, and other things with ANTHRO art on them:

Check out a wide range of furry-type goods selected from's
vast inventory:

Buy other art-type things I've created (not necessarily furry, but
still good):*

USD $500 in five days. If furdom-at-large can inject $2,000,000 into the Pittsburgh economy via Anthrocon, is $500 in five days *really* too much to ask?


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