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Site Update: ANTHRO #19 is online!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here with a special announcement: ANTHRO #19 is online! Okay, this maybe isn’t all *that* special, what with the fact that it’s happened 18 times before... but considering how many other magazines have failed within their first year, it says something that ANTHRO has lasted *three* years plus change!
As per usual, I recommend that if you like ANTHRO, you should support it -- purchase ANTHRO art at [ href="* ], or buy some of the great anthropomorphic books listed at [ ], or even donate or subscribe [ ].

MYTHIC JOURNEYS, by Michæl W. Bard (Prologue and Part 1 of 8): You only *thought* the Greek myths weren’t real…
HALLOWE'EN CINDERELLA, by Bryan Derksen: Be careful what you wish for—and how
AS THE CROW FLIES, by Regina Glei: The Earth’s rage reveals / Unexpected brotherhood / In midsummer heat
CUTTER, by Bill ‘Hafoc’ Rogers: He was just a gol-dang tenderfoot…
KILL ME IF YOU CAN, a TBP story by ShadowWolf: So how *do* you kill an immortal?


ZEBRA GIRL, by Joe England: Enter—Stage: Up!


CAT'S MOVING DAY, by Lida Broadhurst: Out with the old—but please, not *all* of it?


THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS, by Michael W. Bard: Can even *rational* paranoia be transcended?
DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, by replacement rabbit Kris Schnee: Ripple effects from the advent of anthros
REALITY SOUNDBITES, by Keith Morrison: Even if it existed, ‘absolute morality’ would be dull
THE RED KING'S DREAM, by Wanderer Werewolf: They’re not from around here, you know…


SEEN BY ANOTHER SENTIENT, by Dronon: Reviews of Lions, Tigers and Bears, v. 1 & 2, by Mike Bullock and Jack Lawrence; Squonk the Dragon & Squonk the Apprentice, by Pete Butler; Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures of a (Somewhat) Brave Shrew, by Ursula Vernon; Blacksad, v. 1-3, by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido; La Guilde, v. 1-2, by Miroslav Dragan & Oscar Martin; Les Animaux Amoureux, by Laurent Charbonnier; and Nu, Pogodi!, by Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin.

SEEN WHILE PROWLING, by Fred Patten: The CFO's founder reviews Francis, by David Stern; Dragon Outcast, by E. E. Knight; Eulalia!, by Brian Jacques; Felicia and the Border Collie Patrol, by Chas. P.A. Melville; Once Upon a Time in the North, by Philip Pullman; and Faradawn & Simon’s Dream, by Susan Schade and Jon Buller


FROM THE EDITOR'S MAW, by Quentin Long: Will your dogma get run over by karma?

See you next issue!


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