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New ANTHRO collection on sale!

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Quentin Long here with the latest news about his furzine, ANTHRO: The 7th thru 12th issues -- ANTHRO's second year of existence -- is now available in paperback form. In other words, ANTHROlogy TWO is on sale! Buy this book, and more than 630 pages of furry ANTHRO goodness can be yours to read at any time of day or night, regardless of the state of your internet connection. And what's actually in those 630-odd pages? Glad you asked!* Stories by everyone from Tony Greyfox to Hugo award-nominee Richard K. Lyon
* A variety of informative and thought-provoking columns by (among others) Wanderer Werewolf, Michael Bard, and Keith Morrison
* Phil Geusz' interview with Bill "KEVIN & KELL" Holbrook
* A complete Hero Systems character sheet for Jubatus, the infamous TBP cheetahmorph
* Art by Lucius Appaloosius, Ian Williams, and Cubist
* Dozens of Fred Patten's perceptive reviews
* Every comic strip in the first two storylines of CASTLE HORSETOOTH, the ANTHRO original webcomic by Oren Otter and Eala Dubh
* And more!

All of this can be yours for USD $19.99 -- so what are you waiting for? Websurf on over to now and get it! And we wouldn't mind in the least if, while you're there, you happen to check out the rest of the ANTHRO Press catalog...

ANTHROlogy One:
ANTHROlogy Two:
And, lest we forge -- ANTHRO:

See you around!


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