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Over the past few years, Phil Geusz has been writing tales of the Lapist religion -- a faith which encourages its adherents to adopt bioengineered anthro-rabbit bodies. Now, for the first time, ANTHRO Press is proud to announce THE FIRST BOOK OF LAPISM, a paperback collection of Geusz' Lapism stories!Here's what you'll find between the covers of THE FIRST BOOK OF LAPISM:

* DRAMA CLASS, the story of one of the first people born into the faith.
* FULL IMMERSION, about what happens to a man who converted to Lapism for all the wrong reasons.
* SCHISM, the tale of Lapism's first major crisis.
* IN THE BEGINNING, in which you'll discover intimate secrets of how and why Lapism came to be.

THE FIRST BOOK OF LAPISM goes on sale on 1 June 2009... but if you order *now*, your copy will be personally autographed by Phil Geusz! That's right: Every copy of THE FIRST BOOK OF LAPISM which is ordered *before* the official release date of 1 June 2009, will be autographed by the author.
At this point, you're probably saying to yourself, "An autographed Phil Geusz book? Sounds great! How can I get me one of those?" Easy: You send the pre-order price, which includes shipping and handling to ANTHRO Press. The only acceptable form of payment is via PayPal, because we want the autographed FIRST BOOK OF LAPISM to be accessible to *everybody*, both inside and outside the United States. And what, you may ask, *is* that pre-order price?

USD $20 ($15 + $5 shipping/handling) for residents of the United States
USD $29 ($15 + $14 s/h) for residents of Canada
USD $37 ($15 + $22 s/h) for residents of Mexico
USD $40 ($15 + $25 s/h) for residents of all other nations

Whatever the price is for your country, send that amount via PayPal to [ ] *before 1 June 2009*... and on that date, when THE FIRST BOOK OF LAPISM is released, we'll print, sign, and send your copy to you.


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