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New ANTHRO books, new ANTHRO issue!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here with three (count 'em, three) special announcements. One of this trio of news items is about the latest issue of ANTHRO, of course, but I'll do the other two first, for reasons which should be clear when you read them. You see, ANTHRO Press has just published two new books... Announcement the first: The ANTHRO Press edition of TALES OF THE FUR SIDE, by artist Dark Natasha and author Vixyy Fox, is now available! If you're one of those who looked at the previous United Publications edition and found the abundance of textual glitches too off-putting to consider getting a copy, it's time to take another look. Why? Because in the ANTHRO Press edition, the typo is an endangered-to-extinct species.
All thirty of Dark Natasha's interior illustrations plus her color cover are there, freshly reproduced from high-resolution (300-dpi) scans of the original art. And while a picture is normally worth a thousand words, all of *these* pictures are worth more than *2,500* words apiece! Why? Because of Vixyy Fox's 76,800+ words of stories and poetry, which span a wide range of topics and moods. Most people would say that Vixyy's words are a worthy companion to Natasha's art; alternately, you could say that Natasha's art is a worthy companion to Vixyy's words. Either way, TALES OF THE FUR SIDE is just a *whole lot* of furry excellence for a reasonable price!
TALES OF THE FUR SIDE, by Vixyy Fox and Dark Natasha.
USD $14.99 for 222 pages of furry art (literary and visual).
Get it from ANTHRO Press:

Announcement the second: Michael Bergey's novel, NEW COYOTE, is available in a new edition from ANTHRO Press, with a different cover by the esteemed Kenket! Can Native American mysticism co-exist in one mind with the modern, scientific worldview? Yes, it can -- but when that 'one mind' belongs to Coyote, the infamous trickster and rule-breaker, you may want to observe the fireworks from a safe distance. Like, say, the next county over...
Writers are often told to 'write what they know'. Well, I couldn't say about the whole Spirit deal, but I can confidently declare that Bergey definitely knows his Wynoochee Valley setting. Further: As a veterinarian, he's very familiar with the most intimate details of the coyote lifestyle. And the cow lifestyle. And the wolf lifestyle. And... anyway, he *knows* what he's talking about!
If you suspect my praise for Bergey is just groundless hype, I invite you to look in the current issue of ANTHRO, which includes the first installment in a seven-part serial presentation of the novel. I'm betting that once you read NEW COYOTE, you'll want a copy for your own personal library.
NEW COYOTE, by Michael Bergey, with a cover by Kenket.
USD $14.99 for Coyote's 292-page journey from impulsive, immature pup to impulsive, immature adult.
Get it from ANTHRO Press:

Announcement the third: ANTHRO #26 is online! As noted above, we've got the first installment of the serial NEW COYOTE -- yay! We also have a new columnist, so say "hello!" to Dragoness, whose DEAR DRAGONESS advice column is certainly a first for ANTHRO, and may even be for furzines in general! If you're stymied by a personal quandary which involves furiness, send it to Dragoness at deardragoness[at]gmail[dot]com, and she'll be happy to help (not to mention using your letter in a future DEAR DRAGONESS).
This being the Christmas season, it's worth noting that you can take care of gifts for your furry friends and relations *and* help support ANTHRO, both in one fell swoop! One way is to get them some books from the ANTHRO Press catalog, at [ ]. If you do this now, the books you purchase will easily arrive in time for Christmas gift-giving purposes! Another option is to get ANTHRO art on posters or buttons or a variety of other items [ href="* ]; again, doing this thing now is a great way to ensure that your gift arrives in time for Christmas. And of course there's always the list of ANTHRO-recommended books at [ ]; buy any of these books via clicking through to your choice of online bookseller, and a fraction of the money you spend will go to support ANTHRO. So you end up with nifty books, and ANTHRO moves that much closer to being able to pay its contributors for their wonderful work. Can you say "win-win situation"? And if you're just feeling generous, you can always donate cash or subscribe to ANTHRO [ ].

Anyway, that's enough of an introduction. Here's what awaits you in ANTHRO #26:


CHRISTMAS RUSH, a TBP story by Quentin Long: In which the fastest SCAB alive stumbles in unfamiliar territory
CHECKMATE, a TBP story by Bill 'Hafoc' Rogers: Knowing thyself is overrated
MYTHIC JOURNEYS, by Michæl W. Bard (Part 8 of 8, and Epilogue): When is an immortal not an immortal?
NEW COYOTE, by Michæl Bergey (Part 1 of 7): That guide dog isn’t *really* a coyote, honest injun he’s not…


ZEBRA GIRL, by Joe England: Anal probe, hold the anal
SANDUSKY, by by John Prengaman, Jr.: Return of the mountain lion


K AND R, by Cubist: Similar premises need not yield similar conclusions


Welcome the inaugural DEAR DRAGONESS advice column, by Dragoness! In this issue: Relationships, with lovers and otherwise
THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS, by Michael W. Bard: Food for thought—literally
DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, by Phil Geusz: Where we are ain’t bad
REALITY SOUNDBITES, by Keith Morrison: What you must do that your characters shouldn’t
THE RED KING'S DREAM, by Wanderer Werewolf: Adding an extra dimension to a campaign




FROM THE EDITOR'S MAW, by Quentin Long: What human history teaches us about furries

See you next issue!


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