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More book reviews
23% (10 votes)
More op-ed articles
28% (12 votes)
More links to interesting sites
30% (13 votes)
More interviews
19% (8 votes)
Votes: 43


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More of everything? ;)

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I guess I must be the one allowed vote of the day (Sunday night). "All of the above" should also be an option.

Ken "100%" Fletcher

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I wanted people to pick just one. Hard choice, I know. ;)

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I think the Editor should write more Editorials. ;)

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The editor is also the web programmer, and is usually too busy making the website go. ;) I'll see if I can come up with something interesting, though.

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I'm almost a bit worried about the editorials causing a bit of an uproar in the fandom;  people can be pretty divided on stuff, even amongst furries, and I'd hate it if this place became flame central.   Do I worry too much?

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I wouldn't say you worry too much--it is a valid concern. But I'm pretty sure that the editors will be able to choose articles, or couch their own editorials, as good arguments rather than flames.

As to how people reply to them... I think we have a moderation system. It seems to work for Slashdot.

Flaming's part of the Net-life, for better or worse. As long as we're polite and patrol our own waters, reminding people to be courteous, I'm sure we can be adults about debating difficult but relevant issues.

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