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Word of mouth
30% (30 votes)
Revar's Furry Comics List
11% (11 votes)
Banner ad
7% (7 votes)
A link on another webpage
37% (37 votes)
15% (15 votes)
Votes: 100


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Speaking of which, do you guys have any indication of the user sessions per day that Flayrah is getting nowadays? And what sort of plans do you guys have to drive awareness of the site?

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The June stats data is all messed up, since the automatic log analyzer for some reason decided to not analyze for nearly a week. May, however, is complete. Probably the most relevant piece of information is the number of unique visits:


143 visits per day (average)

4436 total visits for the month


101 visits per day

3058 total visits


84 visits per day

2622 total visits

So, we appear to be growing slowly but steadily. As for future promotion, I plan on having flyers out at Anthrocon and possibly con book ads later in the year. Gotta work up a design for that. I do have a link banner that I've been remiss in promoting...please feel free to use it on your websites to link to our front page. Further ideas are, of course, welcome.

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I heard about it from Aureth, when he asked me to design the logo for Flayrah.

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Because, believe it or not, I believe I did hear about it from him :)


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Oh damn. I knew I was forgetting something when I created the poll, last night. ;)

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From Here:

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