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I own one (or more) cats.
26% (34 votes)
I own one (or more) dogs.
14% (18 votes)
I have a tank of fish.
2% (3 votes)
I have a reptile.
1% (1 vote)
I have tiny furry critters (like hamsters).
3% (4 votes)
I have a horse.
1% (1 vote)
I have a mix of all of these.
12% (15 votes)
I have an exotic critter.
5% (7 votes)
I don't own pets.
15% (19 votes)
21% (27 votes)
Votes: 129


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Hey Hey HEY!! Feren is nobody's pet but mine! Mine you hear me!?! MINE MINE MINE!!!


[rather possessive Alpha Female]

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Well, did you vote for him? :)

-Jim, who isn't responsible for the polls anymore, it seems. Yay, Micah!

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Well, since it didn't list either plushies or my own honey, MierTam, I picked Feren as sort of a "I don't need a pet; my mate is wild and entertaining enough."


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Mais bien sur! [But of course!] I was the first person to vote for Feren.

Now I want to know who all these other people are, claiming that MY MATE is their pet.


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One extraordinarily well-behaved and very fluffy Siberian Husky. :)

I'll mention here on the off chance that someone in a position to help sees this, that I'm looking for a pet-friendly rental space in CA for a couple months starting in January. E-mail me ( and we'll talk specifics and $$$.

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There isn't such a thing as "pet friendly rental space" in Cincinnati. Thus, I'm petless. :P

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Okay, I can see ferrets not being a seperate catigory, but what about birdS? I have two, and I'll be damned if they're just 'exotic' or 'other'!


Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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I have:

One cat, spastic. I have five fish, swimmy. I have (back at the farm in Minnesota) one horse, allergic to biting insects. I used to have two birds (a cockatiel and a blue-fronted Amazon) but sadly they're no longer with me. If not for the cat-whose-brain-catches-fire, I'd be inclined to persue the purchase of a macaw.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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A crabby tortishell and a paranoid black burmeze...

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well i voted faren of the above for several reasons. most of my adult life i've lived in rented spaces where keeping comensals was either verbotin or uber extra fare. right now i'm living in a house next door to my landlord. he has dogs. they seem to have adopted me.

that's sort of the way it goes. i don't believe in one awairness 'owning' another potentialy sentient being. hence the term comensals rather then 'pets'. whenever i can i will adopt strays. that is to say when and if they adopt me (as they generaly always have).

huumans can say what they will but these have always been the best companions. if something comes to my door wanting to be adopted and i'm living someplace where i can i will always do what i can. obviosly this is not an option now a days in a lot of the kinds of places i've most of my life ended up living.

basicaly what i'm saying is "i wish!"

if i ever have a cave of my own out in the woods somewhere the'll likely be 23 cats, 2 ferrets and a raccoon - but i won't claim to 'own' any of them. just provide whatever food shelter and love i happen to be able ... ~;)

stay well and keep doing the wonderful things that you do ... ~;)

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Well then, a more appropriate reply would have been "I don't own pets", rather than claiming my mate as a pet, now wouldn't it?

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Down Jen. Niiiiiice wolf.

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We have two distinctly different cats (one old, grumpy tortishell female and one young, jumpy white female), but I would also like to add that we have several dust bunnies. We very much consider them part of the family. I suppose they would go under small furry creatures, although they're more linty than furry...

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