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How did you discover the fandom?

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The Internet.
48% (75 votes)
A furry convention.
1% (1 vote)
A furry party at some other kind of con.
5% (7 votes)
In a comic book shop.
5% (7 votes)
Through friends.
10% (15 votes)
By accident.
21% (33 votes)
Fandom? What fandom? I just like the critters.
6% (9 votes)
5% (8 votes)
Votes: 155


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Jim Groat. He told me about LAFF and the fury thing at GenCon 3 years ago.

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My friend, Bill Fortier, took me to PhilCon back in '92 or '93 and encountered a bit of the fandom there. Bill, at the time, was into drawing characters from ALF Tales. From there, we heard about some other furry cons - like FurTastiCon, run by the furs that factioned off from PhilCon, which became ConFurence EAST for a few years.(Anyone remember those cons?) From there, it was (Albany) AnthroCon (which is my "Home Con" or the one I'm always at come Hell or high water).

Regardless, I made my vote for "friend".


- PunkTiger!

- PunkTiger!

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I'm one of the pre-internet crowd that goes all the way back to Confurence Zero., five years before WWW and before public access to the internet.

I doscovered the fandom because a 1985 era 390 Jeep engine doesn't have large enough cooling ports in the engine. A friends jeep was broken down so I was giving him rides to the places he needed to go.

He wanted to go to the bookstore to get Dr. Who stuff. While he was doing that I went to the magazine rack and looked at 'Amazing Heroes Preview"

I found Albedo and Birthright, mainly because they started with A and B and so were near the front of the book.

I would never have found "Xanadu" that way....

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Hee. It's so nice to hear from someone else who was around pre-Internet. I remember the original Huzzah, digest-size with a color insert (*gasp!*). And naturally, I found out about fandom by finding Albedo and writing to Steve Gallacci, and everything cascaded from there. Funny how things work out. :)

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Another pre-internet one, though it was a whole group of us. Late at night at NorWesCon 10 (1988), a bunch of us decided to design our own shared universe and publish a 'zine that wasn't in some established mileiu. So we designed this sci fi universe that just happened to have anthropomorphic animals as most of the main characters.

About the time we published our second issue (which the original editor was selling at places like OryCon or NorWesCon) a bunch of fans started writing us "We didn't know any furry fans were publishing stuff!"

"What's a furry fan?" we all asked.


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Yeah, I'm one of "I found it through the Internet" people ("Oh, ick!" I hear you cry), but what's the first thing I did? Seek stuff not based on the Internet, like "Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe."

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The head of an anime BBS I was on saw my art, and informed me of a big, fat fandom full of it. Turns out he was the sub sysop for the local furry BBS, which got me fully introduced to anthro fans.

Good thing too. He was otherwise an unredemable as- jerk.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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I belonged to CFO (Cartoon and Fantasy Organization) and found out through fellow member friends that Confurence 2 was coming up...and since I have a love for animals especially cats....I've been in the fandom since then, and have not missed a single Confurence...I felt I was home and had a sense of belonging....TigerTabby

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I pretty much discovered the fandom by accident, I guess, by way of the infamous furry article in Amazing Heroes. From that I found out about ROWRBRAZZLE, the funny-animal APA, and I applied for membership. But I had already been doing my own thing before that and had been trying my hand at creating funny-animal cartoons and strips (as well as more traditional SF and Comic Book stuff; I'd always been a comic and cartoon fan in general) for years. I'd just published my own comic (CHAMPION OF KATARA) right before hearing about the fandom. Reading the AH article, I was surprised to find that there were other folks out there writing and drawing cool-looking stuff: Cathy Hill, the Carspeckens, Mark Wallace, Ken Sample, Roz Gibson, Tracy Horton Kazaleh... I felt like I'd suddenly found home.

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