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I like furries...

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Because I'm into animals
4% (16 votes)
Because I'm into cartoons/comics
4% (18 votes)
For spiritual reasons
4% (19 votes)
Because they're neat metaphors for humans
3% (15 votes)
Because they're neat to draw/look at
9% (41 votes)
Because they're neat to write/read about
2% (8 votes)
Some of the above
40% (175 votes)
All of the above
26% (112 votes)
Something else
7% (32 votes)
Votes: 436


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It looks like a lot of us like them for more than one reason. I like animals, cartoon animals are great fun to draw, and they can be used to handle issues in human society otherwise quite awkward to attempt. They are just plain cute, too.

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Furries envelop a lot of role-playing for my work. You see, I am a counselor, by and large, and find it easier to those I help if they can disassociate the closeness of the issues, that they need to deal with, to a degree. I do in-home healthcare, and find that when I treat a person who is dying of cancer to a role-playing experience with their cat, getting them to image themselves as their cat who is devotely loving on them, it helps them see that there will always be someone (or something) there to accept them, even as they are wasting away from an incurable illness.

Also, I am a very spiritual person who delves into the animistic nature of the soul. I have found that more and more of the pre-christian religions taught to model one's life from the way the animals around them did, for this would attune one to nature and the workings of undercurrents of energy that humans normally can't decypher without outside aid. This lead to associating strongly with one type of animal or another, thus one gained "totem" animals that bore similarities to the individual doing the research. I find myself constantly researching animals all around the globe, finding what traits they hold in similarity to myself.

Also, I am an artist, in all aspects that the word implies. I love to draw animals, not necissarily cartoons, or even upright walking furs, but animals in general; I find they hold a more elegant shape to draw than the angles and gangliness of the human form. I love to write animal-type stories, placing human qualities and projections into the "thoughts" of the animal I'm writing the perspective of. And roleplaying games can really get the creative juices flowing for a new tale of star-crossed lovers... think of Romeo as a dog, and Juliette as a cat, and you'll fast see what I mean. }:=*)

There are a lot of reasons I really life furries, and animals in rl, too. These are just the most prevalent in the mind, right now.


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What, no Feren option?

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Damn. This is the first poll I've written in a couple months (Micah had been doing them, but she's gotten busy with life), and I forgot.

Next time, I promise. ;)

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If Feren were the question instead of an answer, what would the answers be?

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Liquor. The answer would be liquor.

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I can think of some others. And if someone doesn't put up a new question soon...

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Yeah I like them for more than 1 reason there cool to draw and look at and a lil for the spirtual thing like howling at the moon. ^-^ But really the main reason I like em is cause there sexy specially them BIG N SEXY WOLFS ^-^

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