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All the furry stuff I need I can get:

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From the fandom. Furfen rock! Furry is my life!
16% (21 votes)
Mostly from fandom, but I like some SF/F authors.
27% (35 votes)
Real life gives me half my warm furry fuzzies.
20% (26 votes)
I get most of my furry kicks outside the fandom.
12% (15 votes)
There's a fandom? Weirdos!
3% (4 votes)
There's a fandom? Where do I sign up?
4% (5 votes)
14% (18 votes)
Swiftfoot Cheetah!
3% (4 votes)
Votes: 128


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I just vacuumed the apartment rug, and it's evident my house cat has been shedding a lot more than usual, so I have plenty of materials to make "furry" things. I've got what you need!


"We use them for divine retribution."

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As the resident of a house with three shedding animals [seven if you count the humans as well] I have more than enough "furry" objects.

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