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'Adult' material at furry conventions should:

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Be banned completely
5% (8 votes)
Be strictly controlled
41% (61 votes)
Be controlled during certain time slots
28% (41 votes)
Be given free rein
20% (29 votes)
Other (describe in comments)
5% (8 votes)
Votes: 147


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I'd say restricted by location, not time. Adult rooms, labels for adult content in binders/art shows, etc.

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'Adult' material at furry conventions should be made to visit by room until I get bored with it, after which they may amuse themselves by annoying panhandlers in the streets.

This joke in very bad taste was brought to you by someone who didn't even leave his name.


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All 'Adult' material should be Feren. ;9

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Adult material should most definitely NOT be banned completely. Else they'd lose 50% of the vendors.

But it also most definitely SHOULD be strictly controlled, by location when possible. Minors want to go to conventions too, you know. I know I did at age 17. And so I did. And thus it was that I also attended Conifur 2001 at the age of 18. And lo, it was good.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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I'd also say restricted by location. I'm not sure 'restricted by time slot' really makes any sense. For panels, maybe, I suppose.

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(Disclaimer: I've never even been to a con, much less helped organize one; the following is based on discussions I've read on this issue)

When it comes to displaying/selling artwork, the problem with restriction by location is that many artists want to sell both adult and non-adult art, and they can't be in two places at once. If they set up in the non-adult section and try to sell adult artwork anyway (however discretely), people complain. If they set up in the adult section, their non-adult work gets little or no attention, and they lose the potential sales to customers who won't (or aren't allowed to) go into the adult area.

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While this may be true for dealer tables or the artist alley, it does not apply to the art show. The few furry cons I've been to [and the art show I run for MFF] have a seperate section for adult artwork that is roped off so minors can't peek inside. Artists can hang art in both the adult section and the general audience section.

Direct sales in the dealers room or in the artist alley do need to have their adult artwork content controlled however, so that young eyes cannot see the naughty bits. That is easily solved by having prints in plastic sleeves, and strategically placed stickers. Those who want to buy adult art can flip through the binders without offending those who do not want [or aren't allowed] to see such materials.

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Um, sorry, but theres one simple responce to this.

If you dont want the stigma atached with selling Adult products, then dont sell adult products!

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As a minor attendinng furry conventions, I would like the adult art pretty restricted. Personally, I'm not bothered by it, but once in a while I do have a parent attending a convention with me. My parents really didn't mind, but I can imagine there are probably quite a few parents who would disaprove of sending their kids to a convention where adult art is in clear view with stuff only covered by Post-It notes.

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FEREN! FEREN! FEREN!... That is, minors ought to be kept away from the spooge for legal and image reasons. SF cons put marks on member's badges showing whether they're allowed to drink or not. Just post "badgers" outside anything Adult to stop anybody who's badge says they're under age. (Yes, cons would need more security people. Promise them pizza and buttons.) This could work for both artshow and activities.

But don't ban spooge outright. That's not fair to people who are old and mature enough to enjoy it.

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