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What is your favorite internet art archive?

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26% (121 votes)
51% (239 votes)
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Side 7
4% (18 votes)
5% (23 votes)
4% (18 votes)
11% (52 votes)
Votes: 473


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Uh, what happened to FurNation exactly?.. I thought it was rather highly regarded as a furry art site.. or was this just an oversight, which I can understand?..

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I don't really consider Furnation an art archive, but rather a furry webhosting service, which is quite different (but no less cool!)

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Poor furnation, tucked away in the depths of darkness where nobody may vote for it.

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All yiffiness, all the time, baby!


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Side7 may take a while to load, but it's better than Yerf anyday...

*waves a 'Side7' flag*

Tlaren }:=8}

Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes) is so underappreciated :(


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ditto. It's my fav. followed closely by pureyiff

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go go side7, it pwns

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of all art archives on the net my favorite, though it isn't furry oriented, and doesn't encourage a predominance of furry theme, has to be elfwood, if only for it's comment system.

vcl is still my favorite place to post because i'm not limited to how many items i can have up there as long as the're to theme.

there really isn't anyplace that's totaly right on to my personal theme (of dipicting life in/on the kind of world contributers to it would actualy like to live in) that i've found so far.
there is a place though, a wonderful place that isn't an archive site but is a world i like to visit (and it IS furry). i'm not naming it here because i'm not sure if its creators are ready to be flooded and i wouldn't want anything to mess it up. (it's been mentioned and announced elswhere here on flayrah - it just isn't an archive site as such either or it least i'm not sure it's intended to be, though it is a world open to those really willing to research and embrace its unique and wonderful theme)

there were a couple of places mentioned in the vote menu
that are open themed which is ok
but the're not real friendly for visitors to navigate
which i see as being a problem

ah and then poor old wonderful fur nation
that place was my discouvery of the wonderfulness of furryness back when i first started wandering the net.
not an archive but a hosting site that just outgrew itself and its available resources
huggs to its creator
grant granting outfits need to support places like that
we'd all live in a better world if they did

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Of all art archives on the net my favorite... has to be elfwood, if only for it's comment system.

Its comment system is why I like YNA a great deal. It's navigation (particularly linking artist's information, journal, and archive all together) is not too good, but it actively encourages helpful comments and has a good system for that. ElfWood is nice and has a terrific format, but is so huge that it is easy to get lost as an artist on there!

For browsing artists, I think Yerf has the nicest set-up, followed closely by VCL and FanArchive. (Pity FanArchive hasn't been taking new artists for a very long time.)

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Perhaps they separated web hosts from automated archives? Every day there seems to be more furry services coming online and I think that is a good thing. :) If they do hold a poll for Furry Web Hosts I hope they include our . Though we’re not as large as Furnation we are known for our good reliability and extra services. We’ll also have a better redesigned look soon. Even with our size I think we could hold our own in the polls. I think it would be neat to see. :)

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