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Furries at French independent art festival

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Eurofurence booth at the festival

On December 1st and 2nd, 2007 the independent art festival Rassemblement des Mondes Hors-Pistes (Assembly of the Off-Track Worlds) took Part at gallery agnes b. in Paris. The festival celebrated ten years of TRACKS,[1] a TV magazine about subcultures and independent art which broadcasts on the Franco-German cultural channel Arte.

Members of the Eurofurence staff were invited[2] to take part in the festival. TRACKS had previously covered the furry fandom with a report from Conifur Northwest 2002.[3]

Fursuit photo shoot

The Eurofurence booth - located at the entrance of the main exhibition hall - featured artwork from various renown furry artists, videos clips from Eurofurence and fursuiters. Also, furry literature and comics were offered for sale. On stage, fursuit Dance Dance Revolution as well as a photoshoot[4] were shown.

The festival reportedly hosted around 3700 visitors; among them many influential journalists, artists and politicians. A 52 minute TV special about the festival will be shown on Arte in March, 2008.[5]


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