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Flayrah relaunches with new software, editor-in-chief

Edited as of Sun 24 Jul 2011 - 22:11
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Welcome to a new year, with a new editor! Aureth and Frysco have given me the chance to lead Flayrah into the next decade. With your help, I hope to make it the best furry news site ever . . . again!

We're now running on Drupal - an altogether more modern framework - with hosting graciously provided by Timduru.

Your previous posts and comments are secure, though you might want to update your account with an avatar and fandom links.

I've also brought in some free content from WikiFur News - it makes great reading if you missed it the first time around. (Don't forget to click through where it says "Read more")

Each story can now have any number of tags, which will list all related articles when clicked on. You can also rate each piece of content, and each individual comment, based on its contribution to the site. We'll be using these more in the future, so please rate and tag responsibly.

The news submission process now offers a selection of Creative Commons licenses. You can turn this off if you wish by selecting a blank license. However, if you don't mind your work being used (with attribution) by others, please leave it on. You never know who'll find it useful.

We also have an alphabetical index, updated links, and optional rich-text editing. Wondering what to write? See About, and the front page.

Lastly, I'd like to thank the many people who've spent the last nine years making Flayrah a site worth saving. I hope you enjoy the new version!


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Awesome! Nice to have a decent furry news site available, and I can't think of anyone who'd do a better job with it :-)

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By the way, 20kb for a 100x100 avatar is a tad small ;-)

(And particularly irritating when the image I want to upload can't be reduced beyond 22kb)

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I'll up it to 25kb and see how that goes. I would like pages to load snappily if at all possible. :-)

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Understandable, but even LJ allows 40kb for icons :-)

And thanks :-)

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Drupal is full of win. :-)

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Zounds. It's back. Neato :-)

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Indeed - new and improved! (Your contributions would be welcome, should you wish to improve it further.)

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