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New book from Anthro Press: ANTHROlogy THREE

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Anthro Press, the publishing arm of noted furzine Anthro, has just released ANTHROlogy THREE, a 724-page book which contains virtually everything which appeared in ANTHRO issues 13-18. It is available from Anthro Press for US$23.49.

ANTHROlogy THREE includes stories by authors such as Michael W. Bard and Bill 'Hafoc' Rogers; graphics by such artists as Dark Natasha and Lucius Appaloosius; more than 140 pages of reviews written by Fred Patten; interviews with David Lillie, of DREAMKEEPERS fame, and Sofawolf Press' Eddy & Susman; columns written by Phil Geusz, Wanderer Werewolf, Michael Bard, and Keith Morrison; and a non-fiction article on the LITTLE FUZZY novels, both H. Beam Piper's original trilogy and the sequels by Tuning and Mayhar.

ANTHROlogy THREE is the seventh title in the Anthro Press catalog. The six previous books are the first two ANTHROlogy collections; THE HUMAN MEMOIRS, G. Howell's human-in-a-furry-world novel; TALES OF THE FUR SIDE, the art-and-writing gallery created by Dark Natasha and Vixyy Fox; THE FIRST BOOK OF LAPISM, the inaugural volume of Phil Geusz' Lapist stories; and NEW COYOTE, Michael Bergey's novel of Native American spirituality versus the modern world.


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