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Upcoming furry comics for April 2010 (Previews only)

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Last month, the latest Finder softcover; this month, the latest Girl Genius, sc & hc, and a Jim Woodring graphic novel. Life is good. Even if Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer is coming out too.

FEB100028 Usagi Yojimbo #128: Tera Tera Bozu 24pg, b&w $3.50
by Stan Sakai
Usagi's on the road again and stays the night with a kid who makes tera tera bozu (dolls to ensure good weather). I smell typhoon.

FEB100222 Looney Tunes #185 32pg, color $2.50
by Bill Matheny, David Alvarez, Mike Decarlo...
'Daffy Duck has purchased all the cheese in Mexico!'

FEB100223 Scooby-Doo #155 32pg, color $2.50
by Paul Kupperberg and Fabio Laguna
'The gang hits Coney Island!' A tsunami ensues.

PAGES 155, 159, 165
FEB100355 Elephantmen vol. 3: Dangerous Liaisons hc, 280pg, color $34.99
by Richard Starkings and various artists
Collects Elephantmen #16-23.

FEB100377 Banana Tail's Colorful Adventure hc, 32pg, color $12.99
by Mark McKenna, Steve Akehurst, and the Fourth Armada
'What would you do if you accidentally broke your best friend's prized possession? Would you tell them, or hide it? Join Banana Tail the monkey, along with his friends Tic Tac, a plaid zebra, and Slubb the hippo, as they try to solve the mystery of why their best friend Reena, the color-changing rhino, is distraught and changing into a unique array of colors right in front of their eyes!'

FEB100399 The Mice Templar: Destiny #8 32pg, color $2.99
by Bryan J.L. Glass, Michael Avon Oeming, and the two-named Victor Santos
Many things happen.

PAGE 186
Girl Genius Volume 9: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm
FEB100648 sc, 8"x11", 144pg $22.95
FEB100649 hc, 8"x11", 144pg $48.95
by Phil and Kaja Foglio
'Adventure, Romance, Mad Science! Agatha has finally made it to her ancestral castle, but so has a whole crowd of her friends -- and enemies! Worse, the lives of two them are in danger, unless she can get the Castle's power source back up and running-quick! Book Nine of the Hugo Award-winning series.' Anthropomorphic elements are at a minimum in this volume but it's the best Webcomic there is (starting at so you ought to have a look. Highly recommended.

FEB100663 Gold Digger #117 32pg, color $2.99
by Fred Perry
'Julia Diggers has delayed the final stage of her students' training for long enough!'

FEB100664 Gold Digger: Peebri's Big Adventure #2 24pg, b&w $3.99
by Fred Perry
Tiffany and Peebri get Tron-ified.

FEB100665 Gold Digger Sourcebook hc, 7"x10", 544pg, color $49.95
by Doug Dlin and Fred Perry
Collects Gold Digger Sourcebook #1-17.

PAGE 197
FEB100672 Fraggle Rock #1 (of 4) 8"x8", 32pg, color $3.95
by various
'Join Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, and Red for a brand-new series of hilarious and heartfelt adventures written and drawn by some of the most imaginative creators in comics.'

PAGE 199
FEB100686 Sonic the Hedgehog #211 32pg, color $2.50
by Ian Flynn and Steven Butler
'The fallout from the "Iron Dominion" saga continues to settle'. Princess Sally turns into a hideous bald mutant with roboticizing powers.

FEB100687 Sonic Universe #14 32pg, color $2.50
by Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley
'Sonic and Tails must confront Fiona and the Destructix.'

PAGES 222-228
FEB100774 Mickey Mouse Classics: Mouse Mayhem hc, 7"x10", 128pg, color $24.99
by various
'Danger is afoot as our diminutive mouse hero confronts some of his most memorable foes in these treasured stories, featuring the debut of one of Mickey's arch enemies, The Rhyming Man!'

FEB100775 The Muppet Show #5 32pg, color $2.99
by Roger Langridge
As Chuck Melville pointed out last month, Boom! has finally stopped issuing this (and, I see this month, its other previously-tetralogized titles) as a bunch of four-issue miniseries, and the Muppets are off the road. Buy it.

FEB100776 the Muppet Show 2009 San Diego Comic-con Special Edition hc, 7"x10", color $74.99
by Roger Langridge
'Previously offered only at San Diego Comic-Con '09! . . . Limited to 250 copies'

Also Cars #5, Cars volume 3: Rally Race, Disney's Hero Squad #4, Donald Duck and Friends #353, Muppet Snow White #1, Toy Story #5, Uncle Scrooge #390, Wall-E #5, Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #706, and Wizards of Mickey #4.

PAGE 256
FEB100912 Weathercraft hc, 7.5"x9.5", 104pg, b&w $19.99
by Jim Woodring
Woodring's first graphic novel, set in the eerie, gorgeous universe of his Frank books but mostly about Manhog. Osky wow wow! If you got the FCBD preview you'll know if you have to have it. Highly recommended to those with strange tastes. There are also a couple of offered-again
Woodring books this month, also recommended.

PAGE 276
FEB101024 Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #69 32pg, b&w $3.25
by Jake Black and Jim Lawson
'In the post-apocalyptic future, Casey Jones' daughter, Shadow, is on a manhunt -- and she's mowing down any members of the Foot Clan foolish enough to get in her way!'


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Well scooby doo are one of my favorite comic characters even i like there cartoon shows also,the dark horses are also some pretty good,i am looking for the new versions release of such comics.

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You've overlooked Mouse Guard: Legends Of The Guard #1 from Archaia Entertainment. Creator David Petersen presents an anthology of tall tales told by members of the Guard, all written and drawn by guest writers and artists.

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