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Girl Genius

Video games: 'Girl Genius and the Rats of Mechanicsburg'

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Phil and Kaja Foglio’s Hugo Award-winning Girl Genius Internet steampunk comic strip recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $7,500 to create the first Girl Genius video game for iOS and (eventually) Android. It features Krosp, Agatha Heterodyne’s anthropomorphic white cat, versus the Maus King and his army of clockwork rats.

With $18,109 already pledged and 22 days to go, the question is not whether the campaign will succeed but what new goals will be added. There is a 1’57” video on their website.

Upcoming furry comics for August 2011 (Previews only)

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This month makes up for the last two: lots of interesting stuff, and, furry aside, a lot of new publishers showing up. I hope both trends hold up. There are still way too many zombies, though. Like Zombies vs. Cheerleaders #4, 'Easily the greatest 21 letter titled comic in history- that has zombies and cheerleaders!

Upcoming furry comics for April 2010 (Previews only)

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Last month, the latest Finder softcover; this month, the latest Girl Genius, sc & hc, and a Jim Woodring graphic novel. Life is good. Even if Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer is coming out too.