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Camp Feral! plans for a bloody good time...

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Camp Feral!, one of the furry fandom's oldest conventions and first major outdoor event, is celebrating it's 13th year in style. Well, horror style. With their mascot, Pawnee, donning the part of 'Jason Furhees,' Tee Pee Lake will never be the same, since this year is 'Feral! the 13th.'

To celebrate there will be special Friday the 13th theme art in the conbook (...with a soon-to-be announce special artist for the conbook cover), events during the con, and a series of webisodes documenting Jason Furhees visiting with staff for the spring and summer.

The new streamlined website at should be up in April to better show the event, and until then interested furs can keep up with the camp on Twitter (@CampFeral), Facebook (Group: 'I Love Camp Feral!') and their YouTube channel (CampFeral).

In 1998, Camp Feral! was the first well known camping con, taking place in Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada. Now twelve years later, Feral! is still going strong, only younger than Eurofurence and Anthrocon. It draws campers from Canada and the US, but has had campers from Holland, Finland, the UK and as far away as Australia.


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