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Camp Feral! plays online!

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Camp Feral!, the world's oldest ongoing outdoor furry convention, wants to show furs what it's like to attend from the comfort of their homes. Since the camp is a visual experience, as opposed to a hotel con which can be promoted easily with only a schedule and a theme, Feral! is giving people the opportunity to experience camp without having to the hopes that, in the future, maybe more furs will!

Noticing that most cons do not create their own online presence through YouTube and other social media, Feral has opted to communicate with furs through vlogs (by staffers, giving updates on the state of the camp), videos (footage from camp itself, so you can see what happens during the event) and webisodes or short skits based on the theme of the camp. Feral! hopes to not only draw attention to the camp as it enters it's 13th year, but also inspire other cons to take this same approach to advertising their event.

Using online social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as YouTube vids, hasn't been a priority for most cons but in this day and age it might just make the difference between a success and a flop.

You can watch Camp Feral's videos on their YouTube channel or keep up with them through their Twitter feed @CampFeral


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