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Mailbox Books purchases Bronzebear Distribution

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RABCO, the parent company of Mailbox Books, announced to their mailing list the purchase of Bronzebear Media's inventory, service mark, and customer information.

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RABCO Publishing Inc., a privately held Massachusetts corporation,
announced the acquisition of the remaining stock of Bronzebear Media
Distribution as well as the service mark and customer information.
All remaining inventory has been transferred to the warehouse in
Waltham, MA.

Mr. Matt Henry, owner of Bronzebear Media, announced his intentions
to return to college to pursue a master's degree. The transfer of
all inventory now returns the original Mailbox Books collection as
created by Ed Zolna to the inheritors of the Mailbox Books name and
service mark, RABCO Publishing Inc.

The stock still needs to be inventoried and added to the catalog, but
customers can expect the new items to be added over the next few

The purchase includes only the remaining inventory and service mark.
All former customers of Bronzebear should inquire with Matt Henry
regarding any past orders or customer service inquiries.


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This must have happened at the end of Anthrocon after I left the dealers room.

Mailbox Books also took over subscription service for HUZZAH!, so with the acquisition of what Bronzebear had left, they are now the only online source for our back issues as well as new subscriptions.

Best of luck to them - I'm glad somebody finally managed to effectively replace Ed Zolna!

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I know Shawn of Rabco was manning the Bronzebear table on Sunday, with large, hand-lettered signs announcing the change-over.

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