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Flayrah now available on Facebook

Edited as of Thu 8 Apr 2010 - 13:59
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Apparently RSS, Twitter, LiveJournal and DreamWidth weren't enough – so, by popular demand, Flayrah now has a Facebook page. Become a fan to get regular news updates.

Speaking of LiveJournal, we now have 100 subscribers! (Twitter's catching up with 44.)

Remember to view the original post if you're interested, else you'll miss the comments.

Update: We're also available on Kindle. Flayrah gets 30%, which might help with upkeep.


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Are you manually cross posting everything? You might want to look at something like RSS Graffiti to do this automatically...

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No; Facebook allows the owner of a page to import an RSS feed (the option is under "notes").

LiveJournal has similar functionality, while I'm using a Drupal module to post to Twitter.

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Alright, *becomes a fan*. I asked because I didn't see any option to import from RSS in the Notes section in the pages I have setup, now that you said that I see this:

Thanks for showing me this :P

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For the record, notes import has failed miserably for non-personal Pages for some time - Flayrah now uses RSS Graffiti.

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