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After over a week, 700 visitors, and over 80 registered users, is chugging along fairly well. We acquired a logo about mid-week, courtesy of Jen Hayden...thanks! Some of you have emailed me with niggling little code bugs, and I've noticed a few myself. Some of these I've been able to fix, many I haven't. The developer of the weblog code I'm using is promising a large bugfix release early next week; I'm hoping this will fix many of the problems, and I'll be rolling it out on as soon as I can. Unti then, thanks for the support!


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Is this Slashcode?

One thing you might want to do is put a "Post response" link in a logical location, like next to the moderation threashold settings.

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Afraid not. Slash has a lot more overhead, and is considerably more difficult to setup. It basically requires root-level access to run, which I don't have. This is PHPNuke, which I am discovering is quite buggy, despite having nifty features.

I could probably twiddle things, and see about moving the Post button. It is in a rather bizarre spot.

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Not quite a bug, but rather missing info.

The password email sent by the script does not include a From: header (beware mail filtering).

Also, the variable(?) storing the name of the site is not set, so the mail reads:

Welcome to !

You or someone else has used your email account (...) to register an account at . The following is the member information:

-Nickname: ...

-Password: ...

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