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Campfire Tails brings furry happenings to Oregon national park

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Campfire Tails mascot [NullEnigma]

Come August 5–9, Oregon furs won't have to trek over state lines for their nearest convention – they'll head down the rabbit hole to Campfire Tails, held at Ogden Group Camp on the shores of Paulina Lake, east of La Pine.

Various Happenings are planned, described as:

[Events] of artistic significance […] ranging from traditional art exhibits, to participatory events (like craft workshops), to community builds, to mixed medium art displays, to something instantaneous and fluid, like a flash mob or a musical performance.

Base registration costs $40, and includes dinners. Sponsor levels of $60 and $80 add t-shirts, custom badges and additional meals. Members (18+ only) must register by July 1.


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