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"Teen werewolves" in San Antonio schools

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A slow news day in San Antonio leads to coverage of teenage therians in Texas high schools.

Featured is the John Marshal "wolfpack" containing Wolfie Blackheart, previously covered after her experiments in taxidermy went public.


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Not the worst video about the subject matter, I was expecting far worse. But of course this is local news so typically they are much more respectful.

The mother seems cool about it, though I wonder if that attitude will last should her son continue that 'clique' thing into adulthood. They seem to be going on the assumption that it's something they'll drop as they get older. Which obviously some might, but I'm doubting someone who is the leader of a group is going to give up on what made them 'king of the hill' in high school so easily.

Like a Jock will try and play sports in college and sits on the bench most of the time, if make the team at all... some will realize that while they were the top of the athletes in their high school, they are nothing in the college they go to.

High School is a good time to experiment, but you'll find that "You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up" dreams are truly not reality and probably spoken by teachers who wanted to teach at a more nicer school, that pays better.

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Overall good report. I was expexting much worse but that was pretty good.

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I'd love to join that clique :3

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I love the shitstorm of comments on the main page. Stupid religious people. :/

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All-in-all, I thought it was a rather even-handed report. I did enjoy they put a counselor in there to explain these are people trying to find their identities. Whether they'll give it up as they get older...most surveys say yes but there are always one or two whom it affects deeper. I must say, I was also waiting for the newscaster to make some snide remark but, to his credit, seemed to take it in stride.

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I am suprised there is an ENTIRE GROUP of therians just sitting in High School. Therianthropy, This is something you just dont "drop". It will stay with the person the rest of their life. Who Knew. Furry Fandom Pennsylvania and Therianthropy Texas. I will have to investigate this further. Does anyone actually Know them?

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I suspect some of them see it as more of a community thing than a spiritual belief, but perhaps I'm being overly cynical.

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I have seen this for a long time. Furry Fandom members go for acting, just to celebrate their love for anime, cartoons, comics, and stuff like that. Therians go with Spirituality, having an Animal as a spirit, like a person with a Wolf's spirit or so. other times, there is a mentality, where someone has a human side to their conciousness, and an animal side to their conciousness. other times, as you said, there is a community thing, where clicks or such, just go to a ritual thing, or even other things. this one, i have the least ammount of info about. the Alpha male guy, he is part of the mentality group. The girl that had the Dog's skull, she belongs into the spirituality group. the others just fall under the community group. It can differ from MANY accounts, but this is roughly a summary about it.

Collie and Lace

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I would love to find a Facebook or Twitter for their group (if they have one).

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I am sorry to inform you that most places that have this kind of thing respect it. It is just another way to express oneself freely, and is not that bad.

"WHATS NEXT I MEAN IM AN OUTCAST CUZ Im A PUNK..." I am sorry to hear about that, People should treat others with respect, even if they are wicans, furries, goths, punks, blacks, whites, christians, jews, anything. I hope the outcast thing evens out and disapears. I know what it is like to feel that way, and i just grew out of it. I am a 'tad' well known in my school and have quite a few friends.

"WHATS NEXT THIS IS GAY!!!!!" Just a 'smidgen' less reaction would be well apreciated, Thanks!

Collie and Lace

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Are you wican? I only ask because that was the first thing you used as an example and it seems strang to be the first thing to think of when talking about outcasts.

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I am not, I am, like the people in the video, a Therian. I just used Wican first, because usually people are afraid of magic, and view those who practice it as outcasts and demons. I, having a friend who is a wican, know that to be false.

Collie and Lace

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I also have a few wican friends. They are very nice people that get a bad rep for something that is missunderstood.

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What the frig does sexual orientation have to do with it? :/

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havent the foggiest.

Collie and Lace

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This is just a phase they are going through, I mean I wore a tail for a while in high school but not because I was a Werewolf, It was an awesome tail and looked like my fursona's. I was also an outcast because I was the only one who did anything like that. This seems to me to be more like a cross between teenagers who want to fit in with a group, so they make there own, and the whole neko thing, and nekos are confusing enough for me, but werewolves?

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I see no problem with these kids doing what there doing. Well maybe I should call them fellow packs. I happen to be in a pack myself and, like what that blonde hair girl mentioned, we are like a family. It's not about pride or killing others like gangs it's friends making a bond. Sure I suppose most others don't see it that way, it's more of a way to fit in to them but it just depends on the person. Just my simple comment.

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this is all bullcrap, these bastards have a whole lot of problems and want to forget it so they lie to themselves and, since they are inspired by the new moon series, they think that they are fucking werewolves(fucking crazy).

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