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Watchtail streams furry art of all ratings

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A new site, Watchtail, was recently launched by Nedded, offering a video streaming service to the furry art community.

As of press time the site hosted six active streams; two had ten or more viewers.

The practice of desktop streaming with software like Manycam has grown in popularity over the last year. Most artists use services like Livestream, Ustream and However, these services forbid pornographic art – though some see this as a positive aspect.

Watchtail's upload requirements are about 25KB/sec (200kbits), roughly 1/3 that of competing streaming sites. However, the available image quality is correspondingly lower. The site is supported by ad banners and donations; there are no in-stream ads.


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Those thinking of installing Manycam should note that the installer is somewhat deceptive. To decline the bundled toolbar, you must both untick the relevant checkboxes and select the "Decline" button, rather than "Accept >".

You can also turn off the ManyCam logo under "Text over video".

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VH Screen Capture Driver is also a lightweight option. The interface is a little cludgy and selecting the wrong input device will make it crash, but it's free and very adaptable.

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i would rather use webcammax for capture

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