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New Alan Dean Foster

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The following news is snipped from Alan Dean Foster's home page :

"Many of you have written to ask if I'm ever going to write another Spellsinger novel. Among other things, that's up to the publisher. In the interim, I've done an 11,000 word Spellsinger novelette that's set immediately after TIME OF THE TRANSFERENCE, and returns (as you requested) to the days before Jon-Tom & Mudge became, well, domesticated. The story is titled SERENADE and will appear in a collection of original stories from famous fantasy series that is being edited by Brian Thomsen and William Fawcett. The publisher is Baen books. I won't reveal any details here, save to say that one scene deals with multiple requests I've received over the years from many of you who are particularly into what is jocularly called "furry" fandom. Mudge is the center piece (as it were) of this particular solicitation."

MASTERS OF FANTASY, edited by Brian Thomsen & William Fawcett, is announced as a Baen Books release sometime during 2002.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

Smart move by Foster...I was hoping for more Spellsinger from him, but at the same time I wasn't looking forward to more tales after "Chorus Skating". It was tough watching characters like Mudge & Jon-Tom grow old, tired, and cranky. And while I appreciated the attempt, I didn't much enjoy watching their kids become a rap group.

And of course, a whole story about Mudge is right up my alley :)

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