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Furcadia iPhone app now available

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Furry multiplayer social game Furcadia is now available on the iPhone for US$4.99. Purchasers will also receive five golden dragonscales, redeemable for in-game goods.

Initial reviews appear good, though some are disappointed by the anti-idle mechanism (enabled when unplugged to prevent battery drainage):

Runs smoothly, no graphical lag at all and the whisper feature is awesome.

The app was developed by Ayluro (Ghost Tiger and Talzhemir) in collaboration with DEP.


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*cries* why can't we have more furry iPhone apps..?

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Well, personally I don't have an iPhone. What's your excuse? ;-p

I suspect most geeky furs are not the type to have iPhones, though I know of a few.

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waaahh hehee I love my iPhone, tho I refuse to by 4 till they fix a few bugs.. but 3Gs is fab! :D

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Good luck getting it with your Antennagate

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Fortunately, it works just fine on earlier revisions.

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Need to change this to DRIOD. not Iphone. not everyone has Iphone.

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Not everyone has DROID either and iPhone != DROID :P

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