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Earth Eternal on the auction block

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Earth EternalFurry-friendly browser-based MMO Earth Eternal is up for sale after its organizers ran out of money. [tip: lupine]

According to CEO Matt Mihaly (Aurelius), the company has already recieved a few offers, and will keep the servers up for now.

The game – featuring a variety of anthropomorphic animal characters – is free to play, and entered 'open beta' last October.


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Just started playing this today, and I gotta say, it's one of the best browser-based games I've played. Hope it doesn't die.

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Seems the new owner has not yet paid the hosting service. Servers are off-line as of 09/01/2010

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Still no official word on the web sites.
They ppear to exist and reply to a PING, but no content yet?

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