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RCMP encounters bears guarding BC bud

Edited as of Sat 21 Aug 2010 - 17:29
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Police know drug users, dealers, and traffickers use elaborate methods of protecting and concealing their illegal goods, but this one is a first in Canada: thirteen black bears, found by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at a marijuana plantation in Christina Lake, British Columbia (near the US-Canada border).

The bears were apparently trained to guard two fields of marijuana plants and fed to become docile and trainable, defending the hidden plantation containing over 2300 plants.  The closest past parallel was police finding a two-meter (six-foot) crocodile at a grow-op in 2003.

Read more at WDIV-DT - and The Windsor Star.


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It just goes to show: bears are fine as pets as long as you keep them well-doped. (They're not good with kids, though.)

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This is your Bear... This is your bear on drugs...

Any questions?

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I can imagine a drug addict trying to get it would go like this :V

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Haha Just like in the Trailer Park Boys!

I wonder if one of the bears is named "Steve French"?

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