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Video: European fursuiters demonstrate Microsoft Kinect

Edited as of Sun 24 Oct 2010 - 18:13
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Kotaku spotted a couple of fursuiters at a Gamescom demonstration of Microsoft's motion-capture system, Kinect (previously "Project Natal").

Shivon is taking his turn while Keenora grabs a break after the previous dance.


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And another site which found us :3
Thanks alot ^^ It was really fun to dance. And we approve: Kinect (KEEnect ^^°) supports Fursuits!

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Apparently it doesn't support all fursuits (thanks Sonious).

Perhaps it has to be a little more form-fitting, or at least get up to heat first.

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Well, we figured that out aswell. We've got a cow, which is padded on the legs alot and it was really difficult. Sometimes it worked but sometimes the legs were just screwd up ^^°
But with normal formed fursuits its no problem at all. Actually it depends on the games aswell. For example Dance Central recognised every fursuit, but Kinect Adventures got alot of problems though o.o

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Yeah, Lovejoy suggested Harmonix worked pretty well in fursuit. Which is good, as most furs could do with learning to dance a bit better (myself included).

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