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Dog translator barks up the right tree

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Man has always had trouble understanding exactly what his best friend is trying to say, but a new gadget released in Japan is trying to reduce the lingual divide between dog and its owner.

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Creatively called "Bow-lingual", the hand-held electronic device claims to gauge a dog's mood by listening to its bark.

Lets see "Yo Quiero Tacobell means.....Hey I got Ripped Off!"


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When I had a dog, I had absolutely no trouble understanding him. If I could read his mind, it would go something like...

Oh, boy, oh, boy! It's Chip! That means... it must be time for dinner! I like dinner! Here; let me drop my dinner bowl in front of Chip! Dinner would be really yummy! I could eat dinner! Maybe you have a little dinner for me?

What? It's not time for dinner? Then... it must be time for playing with my ball! I like ball! Ball goes bounce when I drop it in front of Chip! Oh, no! He's not picking up the ball! Maybe he doesn't notice that the ball is there? Let me nose it in front of him, so that maybe he'll notice it!

What? It's not time for ball? Then... it must be time for dinner! I like dinner! Here, let me drop my dinner bowl in front of Chip...

Dalmatians. Terribly cute dogs. Wonderful spots. Dumber than dirt.

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