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'Wrapped Up' portfolio to promote safe sex

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Sharon, by LonginiusAn adult portfolio promoting condom use and safer sex is in development, and seeks artists willing to donate their effort.

The Wrapped Up! project is reminiscent of the Yiffy Guide to Safer Sex, a flyer distributed at conventions since 1996. Current contributors include A Blue Deer, Electrocat, Longinius, Naira, Naraku, Rorschfox, Shirik and Statik.

The portfolio is organized by RealZero, who intends for it to be printed by Rabbit Valley and sell for around 20€ (~US$25). Prints are also on sale at Inkbunny. All profit is to be donated to AIDS/HIV-fighting organization UNAIDS.

Follow the project's progress on LiveJournal and Twitter.


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Furries and "safe-sex"?


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